Why you should always be honest?

 Honesty is a learned behaviour. If you grew around conmen, it is only natural for you to pick up those skills and move around in life with ease lying about anything and everything. In contrast, if you grew up among the Mormons, you will find it super hard to dishonest.

Assuming you grew up in neither of the communities, how would you behave and is there any advantages to being honest all the time?

There are a few good reasons to always be honest and in this article, we will try to explain them.

  1. Being honest is easier

Lying always needs some form of creativity and honesty is always easier. Plus, if you lie about something, you will have to remember the lie. In many cases, a simple lie leads to another one and then another one until it becomes a big pile that can’t be undone and you are stuck. The consequences of that first lie may be too small compared to the result of the bigger lie. The whole issue could have been easier if you did not lie in the first place.

  1. What if your lie is exposed?

Problem with a lie is that they may discover the truth and then you have to either admit you lied or take refuge in another lie. In either case, it will be hard to navigate. In some cases, the discovery of a lie can have a big impact on how you are perceived. Get caught in a lie a couple of times and no one will believe you ever again. They will suspect you every time.

 If you were honest, discovery holds no worry for you. In fact, if it was a hard truth, people may even appreciate your honesty.

  1. Lies can break trust

 While honesty builds trust, a lie breaks it. And once trust is broken, it is very hard to repair. The value of the trust is far greater in many cases than the escape provided by a small lie. Plus, trust is established over time and even a small lie can create seeds of distrust. A lie, however small can lead to distrust when discovered.

Apart from these reasons, being truthful brings about a level of self-assurance and integrity in us that is far more important than a self-serving lie. The fact that it is the easiest thing to remember should tell us that honesty is the best policy.

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