Why women shame beta males?

Hell was unleashed on Aziz Ansari when he was slight pushy on a date. The media, his peers and everyone else pounded him. But Floyd Mayweather got a big payday after being convicted for assaulting his wife. Have you ever wondered why he can get away with it while the poor comedian had to bear the brunt for much lesser crime?

It is because women are socially programmed to shame the beta male. It is in their genetic makeup to have a firm control over beta men in their life.

 In this article, we will explain the logic behind this weird phenomenon of beta men getting a raw deal from women.

 Women have clear categories for the men in their lives. Some men fall into the box of provider while other get to the lover box. The Alphas are always the lovers while a beta is a provider.

Though the above example is of celebrities, the impact is no less in our own personal lives. If you are in a bar, it is easy to spot the beta males who hover around women vying for her attention, getting her drinks and being nice to her. While the beta spent his money, an alpha will come in, make her laugh and swoop her away to the utter dismay of all the guys who brought her drinks.

The beta man believes buying her booze is a transaction. If he buys her a drink, she goes home with him. But to a woman, he is just a nice guy she can dial for free food or a drink. And while she enjoys the free stuff, she waits of a real man to come along.

 But the cost of these free drinks and food is always gently being reminded by the beta guy. So, the woman goes on a defensive attack by shaming him out of her presence. It is not a conscious move, but a gut-driven impulse. Because she knows the guy won’t be far away if she ever needs him.

By not going after what he wants aggressively, a beta male makes a woman feel insecure, and she hates that feeling. Although he has all the appreciation for her, his actions do not match his words. And women hate that weird feeling.

 In contrast, an alpha man makes her feel good, and she craves for more of that and that’s why your date will leave the party with that jerk she just met. And when you ask about it later, she will give you a hard time.

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