The Different Male Archetypes: Beta, Alpha, Omega

The modern man is nothing like his ancestors. His natural instincts have been culled by society and education. His urges and thoughts have been reshaped by movies and social media.

 This form of engineering has led to a massive dissatisfaction among men and has led to a rediscovery of what it means to be a man.

Many studies of animal behaviour are being propounded as being close to what men used to be. One such theory is the idea of an Alpha man.

 An Alpha in the animal kingdom is a leader. He is the strongest of the pack. He gets to choose his female mate and is also the protector.

They interpret these characteristics to have evolved into a confident man who can lead others. He is expected to be endowed with charm and an ability to get through his own self-doubts when dealing with a crisis. An Alpha man leads a pack of ‘lesser’ men and is recognised as a natural leader. The theory does not differentiate between a born leader and a trained one.

A beta male is what we referred to as a ‘lesser’ man. In a pack of wolves, he would be the obedient one who has to accept whatever is left out for him. Be a choice of flesh in a kill or a female to mate with, the beta has limited choices.

 In humans, a beta represents a man who has taken the role of a nice guy. He is often a doormat to others will, won’t stand up for himself and is often looking at himself as a victim of the situation. Typically, he is happy to follow the rules and be a silent participant in the crowd. Beta men are constantly looking for sympathy and acknowledgement of their existence by trying to please everyone.

An Omega man is a diametrical opposite to an Alpha. This Archetype is more common in humans than animals. Omegas males prefer to do their own thing and be on their own. An Omega is like the lone wolf that took off from the gang. They are cunning and can get the job done on their own. But they shun positions of leadership. The pride in their skill does not translate into ego, unlike in Alphas. They are often lazy because they don’t want to do things. While Alpha craves recognition, Omega moves out of the spotlight.

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